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I SAW YOUR MOM: The Nugget in Reno, Nevada

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Nugget in Reno, Nevada

Physical description of caregiver:
The CAREGIVER was about 17-19. Suede color jacket with sleeves folded up a little to show white fuzz. Hood of jacket and inside of jacket was also all white fuzz. Obviously dyed blonde hair, glasses.
The person who SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAREGIVING was about 17-19 (looked older than other girl) with brown hair pulled back into ponytail. Pajama pants and big sweater for awhile, when she took off sweater red sleeveless tank top exposing lilac colored bra. Looked so much like the infant it was obvious she was the mother.
Two other teens were there. A girl, maybe 15, with brown hair and a boy, maybe 16, with blonde hair.

Physical description of involved child/children:
Little boy, maybe 6-9 months old. Wearing a zipper hoodie jacket, black hair growing slightly uneven. Looked very sick from the moment i saw him.

Address or venue of observed incident:
The Nugget in Reno, Nevada. A Holiday celebration, filled with alcohol and dancing.

Date and time of incident:
Last night (Jan 12) from about 8 to 10 pm.

Detailed description of what you witnessed:
I saw these teens and the infant walking down the hallway. When I saw them, "mommy" was carrying the infant, and the tall boy was carrying the diaper bag. I had stepped out to smoke when I saw them. Mommy was talking about how sick the little boy was, and that she thought she would have to take him back to the ER again.
I think they heard the music or something. Whatever it was, Mommy and boy were attracted to the party and came over to look in. The girl with blonde hair and the younger brown haired girl seemed, and they were invited in by a not very sober man.

When I went back in there I saw mommy and younger brown haired girl "freak" dancing on the dance floor. Blonde girl was holding the infant and trying to keep him away from the VERY loud speakers and the stumbling drunks. The boy found a table next to my own and led her to it, but eventually left her to dance with the younger brown haired girl. (Teenage romance.) Mommy did go back to the girl who had her baby a few times, and the blonde girl said many times "He seems sick, I think you should take him home." One of the many times she was sitting with baby all alone, I commented to her how cute he was. She told me he got his looks from his mommy. While she sat there, she kissed him and rocked him, and looked at him in a way that you would think she was the mommy. Real mommy eventually dragged her onto the dance floor and tried to make her "freak" dance, while holding the infant. The blonde girl was obviously annoyed and angry with her. A slow song came on, and she danced with the baby a little before coming back to sit down and watch the baby's mother grind against everyone. The blonde boy (They may have been related) came back to sit with her, and she gave him the baby for a little while and talked to the babies mother, gesturing to the doors alot. Mommy took her son from the boy to do a slow dance (maybe because everyone loved watching the other girl dance with him) and then plopped him right onto the blonde girls lap and disappeared.

The girl did ask me to tell her that she and the baby had gone out into the hall to wait if she reappeared, and seemed very upset about the baby being somewhere so loud and with so many drunks. She seemed a little scared leaving (not used to putting her foot down?) and on her way out, a drunk man threw his arms back and ended up hitting baby, HARD. The girl rushed out, then came back with the crying boy and looked for mommy. Blonde boy and younger brown haired girl saw her and came over concerned, then went looking for the mother. I didn't see the blonde girl or the baby for about an hour, when mommy finally came looking and I told her to look in the hall. She left, came right back and tried to get alcoholic drinks, got mad when they asked for ID and stormed out.

If it seems like I spend a lot of time watching, that's because I did. I was disgusted with an infant being there in the first place, and from what I over-heard the blonde girl (the child's caregiver, I suppose) saying, she couldn't believe how irresponsible the mother was being with the baby. Mom didn't seem to mind, didn't even seem concerned when she came back and her son was gone. Everyone was watching them and commenting on the mothers childish behavior. The boy and other brown haired girl were obviously younger and just having fun. Yes, mom is young, but she is mom and should have been watching the baby. At one point, the blonde girl had given the infant to his mother and tried to dance with the younger brown haired girl, but mom was there within 30 seconds, pushed baby into her arms, and started dancing instead.

I'm sending this in with hopes that someone who knows her will see it and explain to her how disgusting her behavior was, and what it is to be a mother to your child and not trying to have someone else mother your baby so you can thrust with random drunks.


Anonymous g said...

about damn time a mom got called out on her behavior.

January 15, 2008 at 1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am surprised underage kids were allowed inside. I mean they did look so young. Stupid establishment should get written up for allowing minors to be there. Especially, with alcohol and older men hanging around.

Poor baby, sounds like his life is going to be messed up. Wouldn't be surprised in time the state takes him away. I hope the grandparents step in.

January 15, 2008 at 8:31 PM  
Anonymous Briana said...

This is great info to know.

November 11, 2008 at 11:51 PM  

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